Foam mattress made to order guide

Foam mattress made to order example
Example of a foam mattress, consisting of two layers of foam in different densities.

Mattresses traditionally are made with a combination of upholstery and springs and designed to be placed on a solid bed base. Pocket spring mattresses are considered slightly more refined and comfortable, with the individual springs being encased in fabric pockets with a foam covering on top, making it less likely that someone lying on the mattress will feel the springs.

Foam, being a material that can be easily cut to various sizes, shapes and thicknesses, as well as coming in a variety of densities can provide a good alternative to the traditional spring mattress.

Washable covers can also be obtained for foam mattresses, they are often quilted and contain breathable fabrics (e.g. cotton) for comfort.

Coolmax foam mattress cover
Example of a foam mattress with cover, image taken from