Grades of foam cut to size guide

Foam grades example

There is a great variety in the grades of foam available, with different types of foam being suitable for different applications. Foam grade refers to how dense the foam is (i.e. how tightly packed the air bubbles are). Examples of foam grades are:

Average density (soft)
Also known as average foam, this foam is light in density. It is suited to light furnishings such as headboards. It is also often used in crafts, costumes and the like. It is generally not ideal for seating as it is not dense enough, and therefore not firm enough.

Medium density
This is the type of foam you will typically find in thick sofa cushions and general large seating cushions.

High density (firm)
High density foam is better suited to seating which requires a slightly firmer surface, such as some sofas and thinner seat cushions, caravan/camper van/boat cushions.

Severe (very firm)
This grade of firm works well for seating that requires thinner and firmer cushions, examples include car seats, window seats, dining chairs and wheelchair cushions.

This is not a grade of foam exactly, but rather a cost saving foam type which is made up of many foam pieces that have been glued together. Different densities can be available. This is generally used as seating foam.

Memory Foam
For more about memory foam, please see our memory foam page here.

More foam grades on a foam specialist website.